Frequently Asked Questions about our biplane rides

Can we fly a different route than the normal routine?
Sometimes we can cater to a group of the same family and fly to their home and back if it is not over 5 to 6 miles one way from the base of operations.  We can go further if the flight is flown at an off-time like a weekday or we’re not too busy. However, there may be an additional charge for a customized flight.

Are there weight restrictions?
We can accommodate most people due to the size of the New Standard and the ease of loading passengers. We can take up to a 350 lb. person but that limits the rest of the passengers for our total of 800 lbs. for 4.

What ages can go for a ride?
We have taken from 6 months to 92 years of age, although a child under 2 1/2 years old  probably won’t remember the experience.  I leave it up to the parents discretion.

Where is the Biplane ride operation located when not doing events or being based at another airport for the summer on our calender?
Between venues, we are usually based in Brodhead, WI. Brodhead is located in beautiful Southern Wisconsin’s dairyland 35 miles south of Madison and 35 miles north of Rockford, Illinois.  We can do customized or standard rides in Brodhead.  Give us a call to find out where we are.  Our Biplane rides are weather and temperature dependent so we may be available early in the Spring or late in the Fall.  Again, please call us to set up your ride.

Do we need reservations?
No reservations needed on posted calendar dates and times. We try to operate on a first come, first serve basis if you don’t have an appointment.  If we get backed up with passengers in line we can sometimes give an approximate time the flight will take place. We are not responsible for missed flights and you may have to be re-scheduled for your flight. Reservations are needed in off times when not at a venue or being based at another airport for a long period of time.

Is this really an antique airplane?
Yes! It is a New Standard model D-25, built in 1929 and is an airplane designed specifically for the barnstormers of the era. It has been completely restored to better-than-new condition and is meticulously maintained in accordance with FAA standards. It has a Wright R-760-8 radial engine of 235 horsepower.

How long is the ride?
Each flight lasts approximately 15 minutes at most venues. Some rides can be customized with prior approval.  Our local Sugar River Tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and must be flown out of the Brodhead, WI area.  The cost of this tour is $150.00 per person. However this flight may not be available as we are sometimes based at another airport for the summer.

How many people can the plane carry?
The D-25 carries four passengers in the front cockpit and the pilot sits in the rear. With four adult passengers, there may be weight limitations.

Who is the pilot?
Ted Davis (owner) is a certified commercial pilot with over 6,000 flying hours covering 37 years in a multitude of different aircraft types.  Our relief pilot is Lyman Hatz when I am not able to be in the “seat”.  He is a seasoned veteran with thousands of hours in antique and classic aircraft and has many years flying charter out of the northwoods in Wisconsin. When he’s not making you laugh, he’ll make you smile as the beautiful Wisconsin landscape slips by under the wings on your tour in the New Standard biplane.

How does the airplane get to my town?
We fly the New Standard D-25 everywhere it goes.