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Newest New Standard Flying

Newest New Standard Flying

Our Biplane Tours are offered out of the Morey Airport at 8300 Airport Road, Middleton, WI  (Exit 250 from Hwy 12 and travel 1 mile west to the airport) Rides can be taken out of the Brodhead Airport also at certain times. ***Please note the change in Hours and days of operation for this summer 2016…….. Updated on 5-31-16 Flights on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will now be by advanced reservations only. Reservations can be made by phone within as little as 1 hour to flight departure at times. (we need at least an hour travel time to Morey airport from our destination). We also  have a 2 passenger minimum for our 4 place aircraft. ( If you are a single rider and can not locate somebody to fly with you, we will put you on a list and try to add you to another flight that is already scheduled. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday’s we will be at the ride tent east of the parking lot from 10 to 6 to offer reserved and walk up flights. Rides are weather dependent so check with us to see if we are flying. **Dates we will not be at Morey Airport**
  • May 19 – 22  Bloomington, IN (Airport Event with Barnstormer rides)
  • June 3-5   LeSueur,  MN
  • June 10-11 Brodhead, WI
  • July 14- 17   Barnstorming Carnival: Springfield, OH
  • July 18-19   Hagerstown, IN
  • July 20   Hayfield Fly-In, IN
  • July 22-23  Brodhead, WI
  • July 27-28   Blakesburg, IA
  • July 29-30   Marshall, MO
  • August 21.  Poplar Grove Airport
  • August 31 –September 5  A.A.A. Fly-in, Iowa
  • September 10 – 12  Brodhead MAAC Fly-in
  • September 23-25. Fly Iowa event, Clinton, Iowa
  • September 30- October 2.  Antique fly-in, Adams/Friendship airport
  • October  8 - 9

Hours for the 2016 season:

We recommend appointments but will be available during the posted hours for walk-ups. Fri. thru Sun. 10:00 to 6:00. (Will be at airport manning the tent). Appointments needed on Monday thru Thursday ……..1 hour notice please. Feel free to schedule a morning or evening appointment for corporate functions, family outings or larger groups.  Please call 608-751-8000 and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Call for reservations at 608-751-8000, Ted. We have gift certificates available and can be purchased on this site with a credit card.

3 Unique Ride Options Are Available:

Local Sight-Seeing Tour – this 15 minute flight is a great experience and offers a nice taste of the open flying cockpit adventure while viewing the beautiful local sights of Middleton and the surrounding area.  This flight is $80 per person (fare based on a minimum of 2 passengers and may cost more for a single passenger) Wisconsin River Tour – this will be our 5th year offering the popular 30 minute flight which takes you over Mazomanie, up the beautiful Wisconsin River, then northeast to Sauk City and returns for a soft landing on the grass runway at Morey Airport.  This flight is $150 per person (fare based on a minimum of 2 passengers and may cost more for a single passenger). Lake Wisconsin Tour– Our 2nd year offering this Tour. We have had an interest in flying over Lake Wisconsin the last couple summers so we are offering this new 40-45 minute tour directly to the Wisconsin river west of Sauk City by the Wollerschiem winery and up the river to beautiful Lake Wisconsin. We then head east over the Merrimac Ferry and along the southern shore line while mandering back to Middleton over Lodi. This flight is $175 per person (fare based on  a minimum of 2 passengers and may cost more for a single passenger). Bring your camera and shoot a few photos, but not too many…we don’t want you to miss the ride!  Helmets, leather jackets, goggles, and hearing protection are provided if desired, but not required. You’ll really enjoy the ride in this solid and stable aircraft. Gift certificates are always available! We retain the right to add passengers to flights to fill aircraft. DID YOU KNOW?  Our Biplane Ride operation is only 45 minutes from Wisconsin Dells down Highway 12 exit 250 from the Kalahari Water Park.  If traveling through Wisconsin and in the Milwaukee area we are a little more than an hour away.  Keep us in mind…for an experience of a lifetime!! The only 4 place Biplane in the Midwest !!!!! We don’t sell Biplane rides……..we sell memories!!!!! Member of the American Barnstormers Tour For more information contact Ted at 608-751-8000 or ted@biplaneridesofamerica.com